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Time is precious and whether you are shooting video yourself or being filmed having to do something again is a pain… so why should you always do more than one take?

The most common things I find myself saying whilst filming is ‘One more time’ or ‘Can we do that again’? I understand that when you are filming it can get tedious to repeat things. If you are not comfortable being filmed it can also be a real pain. I understand 100%.

Why repeat things?

The purpose of being filmed is to provide material and content that can be edited to create a story. The more material you have the more choices there are. A good producer / director will always be thinking about the end product and what needs to be captured – as well as ensuring that whoever is being filmed is comfortable. It is a skilful balancing act.

Even if you nail what you want to say in the very first take it is always worth getting a second version:

  1. The way you say something a second, third, fourth time will always be different. Either the wording or intonation will convey something new that might change the feeling a viewer gets when they watch a video.
  2. A second or third angle might need to be filmed to allow for editing to take place smoothly.

Things don’t always go to plan

If you are on camera and focussed on delivering content then you are unlikely to be aware of everything else going on.

A director / producer / cameraman’s job is to focus on more than just what you are saying and ensure that everything looks and sounds perfect. There are lots of things that can impact a shot…

  • Maybe the a cloud covered the sun and changed the lighting in the room?
  • Maybe a siren or motorbike drove past loudly (or mobile phone rang) and the microphones picked it up?
  • Maybe you leaned too far forward at one point and came out of focus?

There are may things that can have an effect and it is up to the person running the shoot to find the balance between getting the best possible shot and not trying your patience.

Be nice

Remember every time you do something again everyone on set has to go through the same thing. Be patient, trust that your producer is only making you go again for a good reason and know that when you see the end product all the hard work will pay off.

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