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Part of a series on what is going to happen with online video in 2019. Sign-up now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Social Channels

We have seen a trend in the last year or two of social channels investing in their video hosting capabilities. This trend is likely to continue.

What this means is that it is more important than ever to create content designed for the channel it is being used in. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are all focussing on keeping people on their platform and linking to videos that you are hosting on other sites doesn’t help them do this.

For you it will mean not just creating more deliverables but planning how that content is to be used early on. Budgets cannot allow for creating more and more content so businesses are likely to more carefully target their campaigns.

Social Channel Functionality

The more investment in video hosting by social channels the more flexibility there is with what can be done on those platforms with video.

Back in 2016 Facebook added auto captions to their videos and they have only continued to offer more options to help your video perform better.

I would expect Twitter and LinkedIn to follow suit adding functionality for thumbnail selection if autoplay is disabled, closed captions and more.

Video Marketing Platforms

Companies like Vidyard and Wistia are at the forefront of platforms allowing companies to make full use of their video. They offer interactive and/or personalised videos, call to actions, email gates and loads of customisability. They also include some really great analytics tools.

Over the last few years they have been improving their integration with social platforms, specifically YouTube.

I would imagine that as social channels increase their focus on video, video marketing platforms will start deeper integration with these platforms. Allowing video content to be published directly and the analytics fed back.

The ability to see, in one dashboard, how your videos are performing across multiple platforms and to be able customise video content for each platform is something that is sorely missing in the market at the moment. It is only a matter of time before this is offered and I think 2019 is when we will begin to see this.

Vidyard Live StreamingIf you are putting a lot of video content online and have a strategy behind it, these platforms are becoming better than ever at allowing you to have complete control of how these videos are viewed and ultimately perform.

Additionally, given the focus on live video, it is only a matter of time before all of these platforms integrate this into their service fully. (Vidyard image) Vidyard already offer their own but I wonder whether integration to output the stream through Facebook or YouTube Live might be in the future.

Video Production and Formats

h265 image

Image from Trusted Reviews

The technical bit… 

Over the last few years most online video has been dominated by the h.264 codec. With Apple giving its full backing to h.265 / HEVC codec in 2015 we are likely to see an increase in the use of it online. According to studies:

36% of video developers plan to deploy h.265/HEVC in 2019

One result of this is a push towards higher resolution video online. HEVC allows more data to be transmitted at lower bandwidths i.e. 1.5Mbps would allow 720p instead of 480p.

Is this the year that YouTube will fail?

The new YouTube Studio Beta Screengrab

Screengrab taken from Tubefilter article.

Although YouTube as platform has had some ups and downs this year with some of the biggest creators and influencers having their positions threatened, and the usual host of copyright issues, the platform seems to be getting stronger.

Currently the ‘Creator Studio’ is getting a revamp with a cleaner more modern interface. Ultimately however, it is the platform’s close link with Google that will keep traffic on the platform strong.

“It’s not about the channel anymore” Justin Bryant 

It is still the best platform (at least for the next year) to have your content ‘randomly’ found. Suggested videos based on your viewing habits ensure that relevant content has never been more important to produce.

Next in the ‘Future of Online Video 2019’ series will be ‘Interactive Video Is On The Rise In 2019 .

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