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Part of a series on what is going to happen with online video in 2019. Sign-up now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Why Shape And Size Matter

I’ll be honest. I have found that video ratios are not a deciding factor in the success of content and as such it is not something to get too hung up on.

As always it is the information, style and strategy behind a video that truly matter.

That being said the ratio of your video does effect two things

  1. How you design your video to fit the shape of the container
  2. How much of the screen the video takes up whilst the user is scrolling

Using the right ratio for the right strategy can help nudge viewers in the right direction. Plus the range of ratio choices allows for you try some creative things.

Strategically it is important to think about how much of a users screen you want to take up. This handy guide from Louise Myers demonstrates this perfectly.Video ratios for social media on mobile display

What affects the size of your video

As is often the case it is changes in technology that affect the ratio and size of your online video e.g. vertical video only exists because of the way that people hold their phones when taking footage.

Image of Samsung Galaxy F

Image from T3 Smarter Living

Therefore we need to look ahead to what technology is coming and how this might affect the ratios we use.

Samsung recently announced they are bringing out a foldable phone. Although it looks cool and has potential it is difficult to determine whether this is the start of a trend. It does make me question how video might be different if it has to display seamlessly on two different sizes and ratios of screen. I also wonder what creative choices could be made with the video to incorporate a fold.

Unlikely to change

Animated example of facebook carousel ads

Image from Wordstream

Ultimately video ratios are unlikely to change dramatically in 2019. The focus as it always is on ways to expand and explore the available options.

This ad for example takes advantage of Facebook’s carousel ads to create an interactive experience.

It is only a matter of time before someone works out how best to use video carousel’s to create something similar. I know I’ve been looking in to it.

What are the current ratios?

Check out this blog from Sprout Social. It is regularly updated with the relevant sizes and ratios for social media

Sprout social video ratio link

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