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There are lots of different types of video that all suit a specific purpose. Understanding and them and mastering their use will help make your campaign more successful.

What is a talking head?

A talking head is simply an interview, usually featuring a head and shoulders shot of the subject.

They can either be looking directly at the camera or more often looking to the side of the camera towards an interviewer.

Traditionally the interviewer is not seen or heard in the final video.

A talking head video is one made almost entirely of shots like this, featuring different people talking about a key subject.

The secret to an engaging talking head video

Although quite a simple type of video there is a difficult balancing act to getting it right. Too many people will make the video feel crowded and too much information will dilute the content.

Here are a few key tips to getting this type of video right:

  1. Limit the number of individuals in each video to 4 – 5. There are cases where you might want to include more but… the more people – the simpler the content and story should be.
  2. Keep the focus of the video clear at all times. In each video they should all be talking about the same thing.
  3. Ask them all the same questions. These videos work best when the audience doesn’t need to keep working out the subject.
  4. Find the story. Use their answers to craft a story that will echo the audiences thoughts and feelings on the issue. Usually from problem to solution or uncertainty to clarity.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

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