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A lower third is the general term used to describe the text that appears during video when you first see someone. It usually includes there name and/or their job title and company.

Why is it called a lower third?

Aptean Lower third ExampleTraditionally lower thirds appear consistently in the lower third of the screen. This leaves room for the face of the person talking to be clearly seen.

As access to more complex graphics has been made easier lower thirds can be seen anywhere on the screen where there is sufficient space. Although there are a variety of more specific names for showing someone’s details depending on the type of graphics used the term lower third has stuck as a catch all phrase.

How should you use them?

Deb Bug EXAMPLELower thirds are great for introducing people being interviewed and helping you set the scene. 

They also help brand a video and ensure that a company or business’ identity continues throughout a video.

Although lower thirds can be animated it is usually worth avoiding lots of complex animation as this can distract from the topic being spoken about.

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