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Calls To Action are absolutely necessary as part of almost any marketing, video or public facing campaign. They are, according to wikipedia, an instruction for immediate action

Calls To Action and the funnel

For many a call to action (CTA) might be a button or piece of text that says “Call Now” but as is often the case getting the right CTA for the right situation is slightly more complicated and requires a little more thought.

What you want someone to do and what they are likely to do are two different things. As such you need to work out who your audience is, where they are in their journey and plan your CTA accordingly.

If your video is being watched on Facebook and is at the top of the funnel then focus your CTA on asking for likes, shares, comments etc. People don’t want to be leaving the news feed for something they have just discovered (believe me, if your video was good enough they will look you up anyway). The goal at this point is to get them to interact with the video. It’s an easy ask and something they will find easy to do… better yet Facebook’s algorithm will then make sure they regularly see your future updates.

As you go through the funnel you can ask them to do more and more – sign-up, go to your website, call now, buy now etc.

Don’t be afraid

Some people feel that cats are too ‘salesy’ but the truth is that your customers don’t know what you want them to do – therefore you need to tell them.


Here are some ideas for CTAs if you’re looking for something creative to do with them:

  • Offer a download with the CTA – Download Now!
  • Tell them which other videos to watch
  • Ask them to like, subscribe, comment or engage in some way
  • Encourage them to follow you on twitter, your facebook page, YouTube channel or LinkedIn
  • Ask them to visit your website
  • Suggest they to make contact
  • Ask them to smile

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

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