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Have you experienced the problem with video? Do you wish that producing video content for your business was easier, more cost effective and got better results?

The Problem With Video

I remember years ago my team and I made a video for a client. They were ecstatic and we were all really proud of the end product. The client put the video on their youtube channel, added a link to their website and then…. nothing. They had a few hundred views over the following month. Sound familiar?

Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users


After a couple of months the client returned. They asked us to make a new video. They still loved the first one but, as it hadn’t got the results they were looking for, they wanted to create something different.

I was torn. On one hand I was flattered and more than happy to be paid to create more content but on the other I knew it wouldn’t make any difference.

I advised the client that they were thinking about it all wrong. Having heard all of the fantastic statistics about it they were treating video as a magic pill – ‘make one video after eating and all of your marketing problems go away’ – The problem with video is that on its own it takes time and money to produce and cannot guarantee a return on investment.

The Solution

The truth is that video only works reliably when it is used as part of strategy. In other words – there is a Smarter approach to video. You would never send out direct mail, an email campaign, create posters, leaflets or any other marketing tool without first identifying your audience, the channels they use and how best to engage with them.

The same is true of video content – it is a tool not a strategy on its own.

As the best marketers know the solution to the problem with video and a way to see fantastic results is to make sure it is used as part of a wider strategy.

Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher clickthrough rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don’t. (Buffer)

The Smarter Video Story

So that is the story behind the Smarter Video blog. After this occurred I spent years researching what makes video content successful and how any business can get the most from it.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting strategies, tips, tricks, guides, interviews and more. Everything you could need to help you get results from your video content.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

Please get in touch and let me know what you would like to learn or read about.

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