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Are you looking to create video for your business? Here are the videos you need to get you started.


Who are you or your company? what do you do and why do you matter?

One of the most important videos for a business to create is something that tells your customers who you are and what you do. Perhaps most importantly it can share the ethos of your business.

This video should be kept simple and focus on one or two key aspects. Is your identity rooted in your history, or your people, or your product or your innovation?

Don’t make the mistake though of making it generic. It should be written and look like something specific to your business and most importantly, it should be indisputably…. you.


At the end of a day people do business with people. However good your product is if a customer doesn’t trust the person selling it or the people making it they won’t buy.

The people in a business are always its unique selling point (USP). This type of video highlights them and brings them to the forefront.

The only thing that makes your business unique is the people that work everyday to make it a success.

This can be a great opportunity to share some information about the company or product as well but don’t forget to include something that shows the personality of the people involved.

Don’t just limit this type of video to the leadership either. Who are the people that customers are going to be interacting with regularly? These are the people that should be included.


Whatever business you are in you are trying to sell something. Regardless of whether it is a product or service, what you sell is unique to you.

An explainer video breaks down the problem that your customers are having and clearly identifies how you, your business or your product can solve that issue.

Although these are often animated they don’t need to be. The important thing is to focus on the problem being solved and the benefits of the product. Remember people want to know what a product is, how it works can be left for later in the sales process.


So far all the videos types have showcased you or your business promoting yourself. Don’t forget that the best salesmen are your existing customers.

Create video case studies. Encourage them to give testimonials on camera. Hearing a genuine review from someone that has been in the same situation as them can make all the difference to someone one who is considering a purchase.


It is possible to combine these video types. Corporate videos can include snippets of interviews with employees. Explainer videos might need elements proof in them.

A proof video featuring a customer might show how they interact with one of your employees. 

Just remember don’t dilute your content. Whatever video type you are creating make sure that you have asked the 5 magic questions, have a strategy and a plan as to what you want to achieve and stay focussed on that.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

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