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Every year companies go above and beyond competing to outdo each other and create the greatest Christmas marketing videos. Here are my favourites.

What’s it all about?

I admit it. Christmas marketing videos are an obsession. I get all emotional when people get what they wanted for Christmas, when companies go above and beyond to give customers a truly magical experience and when the best of humanity is shown.

This list features my current top 10 but I am always open to changing my mind. Let me know your favourites in the comments.

So let’s delve in to Santa’s sack and see what presents we can find.

(Here’s a link you might find helpful – other brands are available 😉)

Air Canada

Just about the only video on this list that doesn’t use music to help carry some emotional weight it shows what the power of genuine human joy can do. Air Canada take a visit to a Canadian bar in London and speak to people feeling homesick… then an announcement reveals the power of giving.


A German supermarket show the importance of family and coming together in this simultaneously heart-warming, emotional, funny and ever so slightly disturbing Christmas film. An elderly gentleman, feeling lonely during the holiday season, decides the only way to bring his busy family together involves a slightly morbid trick.



At this time of year a lot of focus is given to the big man in red but what about his better half? Mrs. Claus takes centre stage in this advert from Marks & Spencer’s. The usual themes of giving, caring and family make for a touching and funny advert that is one of my favourite renditions of Mrs. Claus after Angela Lansbury.


The shortest advert on this list is just plain funny. I had entirely forgotten about this advert until someone reminded me on Twitter and I’m very pleased they did. The perfect meeting of two beloved characters. Plus… the recent sequel carries on the story.

John Lewis

The John Lewis advert is a mainstay of British television and is responsible fo the current run of retailers trying to out do each other in the number of tissue boxes they can empty. I was always torn between the ‘Man On The Moon’ and this but decided this one is a little more ‘down to earth’. A touching story of giving and thinking of others.

So you can see all the adverts here is a playlist


Children are asked to write a letter to the Dutch equivalent of Santa. Then asked to write a letter to their parents. The difference in approach and the parents reaction when finding out what their children really want is a real tear-jerker. The link to Ikea is a little tenuous but when the rest of the advert is this moving it doesn’t matter. A perfect example that branding doesn’t matter as much when you make something that people want to see.

Air New Zealand

Hilarious! A simple idea executed well. Santa struggles with the Kiwi accent. I don’t think I need to say anymore.


Santa eating cookies is a regular image at Christmas time but in this age of healthy eating one child finally realises that all those cookies might be affecting Santa’s work. A story of dieting and siblings supporting each other follows in this lovely advert from French Supermarket Intermarché.


This has been my all time favourite Christmas campaign for years. Westjet have followed it up every year but never topped it. Westjest decides to play Santa offering a flight of passengers the opportunity to ask Santa for their hearts desire. When they get off the plane at the other end it isn’t just bags that come of the baggage carousel. Funny, emotional and filled with unadulterated joy. Plus you have to feel sorry for the guy that asked for socks.

Coca Cola

An oldie but a goodie. This advert has been around for years and for many it represents the start of the the holiday season. It has a catchy, instantly recognisable theme and although it is infinitely more commercial than anything else on this list the nostalgia factor means it must be included. Altogether now…. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.

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