Editing your own content

Editing Your Own Story

Being able to film your own content gets you part of the way. Knowing how to put it together to tell an exciting and engaging story, that keeps a viewer’s attention, is very much its own skill.

If you are looking to film your own content and have it edited then take a look at our social media packages or get in touch. If you want to be able to produce the final video yourself, this is the training for you.

As with all of our training options we offer this as both an online Zoom presentation or as an interactive in-house session where we film content and then take you through the process of editing it yourself.

Our qualified trainer will take you through everything you need to turn your footage into a final polished product.

    • What equipment and software you need
    • How to cut footage together
    • How to tell a story
    • How to hide your mistakes
    • How to use graphics
    • Managing your files successfully
    • How to get get your video ready for social media

    What Our Clients Say

    "I have had excellent feedback from everyone involved."

    Sarah Archer, Sydney Mitchell Solicitors

    "We learnt some valuable skills that will help us when asked to take part in video content."

    Nichola Scott, Mullis & Peake LLP