Everything you need to make your own content

We live in an age where every business, even without a professional in-house team, is expected to create some video content. At Smarter Video we understand that it is not always practical or cost effective to bring in professional camera operators or directors on every shoot.

That is why we offer training programmes to give your employees the basic skills needed to create effective video content.

We offer three courses, each is available either through Zoom as a presentation or in-house as an interactive session.

Our Training Courses

Our courses are offered by experienced presenters and video production professionals allowing us to give you expert training to allow you to become your own video creators.

confidence on camera

Being on camera can often feel intimidating. Our training helps you and your colleagues always appear confident regardless of how you feel.

Filming your own video

Anyone can point a camera or phone but knowing what you are doing makes the difference between a video and an engaging piece of content. Let us show you how.

Editing your own video

Once you have filmed your footage, editing your content into an engaging video requires a different set of skills. We can help you learn these skills and make your own content.