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Making video has quickly become an essential part of the marketing mix but the creation of great video content is still a mystery to some. Here is a guide to how Smarter Video and other video producers make video so you can understand the art of taking your goals and turning them into video based results.

81% of businesses use video as marketing tool (Hubspot)

First Contact

Our priority is your results. So when you make first contact, once our celebration has subsided, our focus is understanding you, your business and your goals.

Celebrating a clients first contact (image of Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura dancing)

Our celebration looks a little like this

Some of our clients come to us wanting production of a pre-existing idea and others want us to help them come up with concepts and craft something that ties in to a wider strategy. Whichever end of the spectrum you are on we use this initial conversation to understand what you want to achieve and how we can best help you get there.


Prior to starting any project we offer consultation to help you strategise come up with concepts and ideas. Although we would prefer you to use our production services our goal is for your video campaigns to be smarter and more successful and we will help you any way we can.

During consultancy we:

  • Work out a strategy to tie either a single video or suite of videos into your wider marketing mix
  • Come up with concepts and ideas for the videos that help ensure the entire campaign works together, looks great and is truly memorable
  • Advise you over platforms, hosting and distribution channels for your video
  • Help you schedule your campaign to get maximum impact from your video


Pre-production is essential to any video you make. It is where the initial ideas are turned into something that can be filmed or animated.

During Pre-Production:

  • Write a script (usually multiple drafts). Scripts include both audio and visual elements for the video.
  • Storyboard – sometimes these are written using descriptive language and sometimes these are visually drawn out. It depends on what the project requires.
  • Location sourcing – if your video needs a specific location or even if it is being shot in a studio we will source the right place to achieve the effect the script needs.
  • Casting – Sometimes videos can star yourself or your colleagues but other times a professional presenter, actor or extras are needed to round out the effect. We look through the script and identify who is needed and then find people that perfectly fit your requirements.
  • Voiceover casting – Choosing the right voiceover for your video is essential (if you are using a voiceover) so we carefully cast the right voice for each project.
  • Travel – Having filmed in over 12 countries we know that every location has its challenges, policies and specific requirements. During pre-production we make sure that all equipment, visas, ticketing, insurance and documentation is organised to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whether you are based in the UK or elsewhere in the world we get everything organised.
  • Equipment – Some shoots require specialised equipment like cranes, slow motion cameras, go-pros, 360º etc. others require a simple camera and tripod. Regardless we make sure that all the gear you need is available for the shoot and in good working order
  • Props & costumes – Beyond technical equipment everyone in the video needs to look right or have access to the right objects. We make sure that everything needed is available and looks just as it should.
  • Legal stuff – Every shoot requires a host of legal requirements: insurance, release forms for talent and locations etc. We take care of all of it so you just don’t need to worry.


The script is written, actors have been organised, locations set… it’s time for the cameras to roll.

  • Filming – Whether it is an event with multiple cameramen (who all need to be coordinated) or an interview in an office we arrive in plenty of time to set up, guide the talent through the process and capture the footage in the best possible quality. All the time bearing in mind the end goal.
  • Direction – Every shoot needs someone calling the shots, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Helping an actor achieve the right emotion in a performance or guiding an interviewee through the process so that, whilst providing interesting content, they feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Lighting – In order for the cameras to capture anything the scene needs to be let. Styles and requirements change for lighting on each project but we’ve got it covered however you want to go.
  • Sound – People often forget how important sound is… but not Smarter Video. We ensure that the best possible sound is recorded for the location
  • Story – Throughout production, whether it is multiple days or a single morning our focus is on putting together the end product we promised and achieving the results you have aimed for.
  • Animation – If your video is animated all of the assets, images, characters, props, textures, lighting etc. needed to be created or sourced. Then it all needs to be animated.
  • Voiceover – If you are having voiceover in your project we will record it during production. Using professional studios, experienced audio engineers and top quality voice talent  to bring your projects to life.


Once everything has been captured, animated and recorded post-production can begin. This is where we craft all of the assets that have been created into a coherent end product.

  • Editing – All of the assets are brought together, organised, converted into appropriate formats and then structured into the right order to tell the story. Music is added to help build momentum in the video, keep people watching and add depth to the story you are conveying.
  • VFX – Whatever your video it will need some visual effects. Sometimes it might be a title screen or someones name (a lower third), other times it might be explosions, tracked text, lightsabers and more.
  • Colour correction – Usually what the camera records is not what is seen. Colour correction allows the colour to be altered so that all clips look like they match whether they were filmed on the same day or in different locations.
  • Colour grading – A look is added across the video to help tell the story and make it more beautiful.
  • Audio mastering – Dialogue, music and sound effects all need to be mastered so that they not only sound clear and can be understood but don’t distract from the story or from each other.


After a little back and forth and some tweaking your video is finally ready to be shown to the world. We deliver the video to you in the format best suited to your use. Now you have your video it is up to you to follow the strategy and start getting results.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

Please get in touch and let me know what you would like to learn or read about.


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