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Every month is filled with special days, celebrations, religious festivals and comparative days. You should already have these in your social calendar but if not here are some of the key ones this month.

The Smarter Video reminder here is that you make sure, if these days are relevant to you, your industry or audience, that you have content ready to go.

3rd June 2019


Leave The Office Early Day – The day may be shorter so this is your chance to be efficient and get more done before enjoying an early start to your evening.

4th June 2019

Tailor’s Day – For those in the fashion industry or who just like to appreciate those that help them gain their fashion status here’s a chance to show your appreciation.
Hug Your Cat Day – I think the name is self-explanatory

5th June 2019

World Environment Day – Are you or your business doing everything for the environment it can?
HIV Long Term Survivors Day – A day to celebrate how far we’ve come and remember the work we still have to do

8th June 2019

Best Friends Day – We all have best friends – celebrate them
World Oceans Day – They cover over 66% of the earth’s surface. This day gives us a chance to focus on them and appreciate what they do and offer us and what we can do to help improve the world’s oceans.

14th June 2019

World Blood Donor Day – Blood transfusions can save our lives but more blood is needed to help everyone.

15th June 2019

Smile Power Day – Everyday is a good excuse to find something to smile about. Why not give your customers a reason on this day?

19th June 2019

Sickle Cell Awareness – This annual event is held to raise awareness of those suffering with this condition and what their families go through.

20th June 2019

World Productivity Day – What can you do to improve your productivity? What about your customers productivity?

21st June 2019

World Selfie Day – Love or hate them they have a massive impact on social media.

22nd June 2019

Positive Media Day – It is far to easy to talk about the bad. Use this day as an opportunity to talk about the good and share something positive about yourself, your business, your customers or the world.

25th June 2019

Global Beatles Day – If you love the Beatles why not show the world.

29th June 2019

Camera Day – If you are into video or photography you should be celebrating this one.

30th June 2019

Social Media Day – For anyone online this day celebrates all things to do with social media. Expect those that love it and those that hate it to be out in force. Don’t miss out on taking part.

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This is just a small sample of the special days in June that you can incorporate into your social media calendar. For a more comprehensive list check out Days Of The Year.

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