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Do you want to have the best possible video? Do you want it to be awesome, low cost and delivered quickly?


Managing expectations as a video producer is tough. Clients tend to expect the level of quality and production values they see daily on TV and in movies on their productions.

It’s not easy to understand why. It would look awesome.

As technology has gotten cheaper and more people, through phones, have access to acceptable camera equipment, editing software, audio recorders etc. the expectations of budget and cost have reduced.

This causes a problem as people want:

  • hugely impressive videos
  • at a low cost
  • on a very short time frame.

None of these individual requirements are difficult but each element is connected to the others and expecting all three is asking for a lot.

Project TriangleThe Project Management Triangle

The project management triangle is a representation of the 3 key elements of any project, with each impacting on the quality (click here for more information).

If you have less time but don’t change the cost or scope of a project the quality reduces dramatically. It is only by decreasing the scope of a project or increasing the budget available that quality can remain the same.

If you reduce budget, quality also suffers. Increasing scope has the same effect with cost and time needing to change to balance out the triangle.

The reason I bring this up is that with video, anything is possible. If you have the budget and time any level of scope can be reached. The moment you limit one element however quality can suffer.

This video perfectly demonstrates how reducing one element of the triangle can impact quality – in this case it is time.

Why this matters

If you want to get the best out of your video producer I suggest you follow three simple rules:

  • Be open with your producer
  • Be realistic
  • We are usually quite fond of cake 😉

Being open with your producer

It is so important to be open with your producer. When I ask people what budget they have available they always get quite shy. The theory is that by sharing the budget they have available the cost, regardless of what I create will take the whole budget.

Firstly, that’s not the way a good producer works. The focus for any project should be the concept. But knowing what budget you have available allows the producer to create concepts, help you work on the scope of a project, to create something that is do-able without compromise in the time available.

Secondly, that is what your budget is for. If you have a budget then you have put it aside to use for a specific project. Don’t be afraid to use the budget.

(I know, I know. The budget usually incorporates more than just producing the video but talk to the producer. Explain that you have this budget but that it needs to cover a variety of things. If you are working with a producer who is a video marketing strategist then they can help you ensure you are spending your budget in the right way).

Be realistic

Keep your expectations grounded in reality. A good producer can often surprise you when time or budget are limited but that is for them to do. If you have realistic expectations you won’t be discouraged.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

Please get in touch and let me know what you would like to learn or read about.

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