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The cost, the time, the stress. Is it worth hiring a producer or should you just make your own video?

Don’t hire a producer

We live in an age of seemingly endless technology that enables each of us to accomplish more with less. Skills and talents that have traditionally been left to an elite few are now available to all of us.

The same is true of video and editing. Everyone now has a camera in their pocket with a built in editing studio. So why spend the time and money hiring a specialist when you can do it for yourself?

Save money

The truth is anyone can film and edit but this doesn’t mean you should.

Once you have grabbed your phone, maybe a friend or colleague to help out, filmed what you want, decided what editing software to use, edited the video and upload it… how much time have you have spent?

Although you are not necessarily spending money (assuming you have the equipment you want/need)… making video yourself takes time, a lot of it. What else could you have done with that time? 

Time is a valuable resource. So the question that needs to be asked is… are you or your business going to get the best out of a video you have made yourself? Is the quality going to be sufficient that you can compete with your competitors or the millions of other videos online? Could you have made more money spending your time on something different?

In a previous blog I talked about focussing on the value of a video. If a video has significant value to your business then is it something you want to cut costs on? The money you save in making it may be lost if the video or the strategy behind it isn’t that successful.

An argument could be made that you save more money by hiring a video producer. Not only will the end product look and sound better but you will have spent less time (time is money) working on it yourself and it will have a much higher probability of generating more income. Surely that is the money you really want to save.

Strategy is key

I am a huge believer that there is a place in business for self-made video. The key is to make sure that you are doing it for a reason based on a well thought out strategy and not just to save money.

Self-made video works best when it is about creating something quick, in the moment and personal e.g.

You’re at a trade show and want to show people a stand or invite them to join you. You want to post a personal opinion on social media to connect with followers or start a discussion. Follow – Keaton Linder for some great insight into technology, marketing and life.
You want to thank a customer, supplier or employee for something specific. You want to show a personal holiday message from lots of offices/employees in a single video.


All of these take advantage of the personal feeling that self-made video has. It helps connect you to an audience and although you lose production values you can gain authenticity.

A word of warning here is that authenticity is only gained for the right type of content. If you approach self-made video for the wrong reasons it comes across as cheap and amateurish, which is usually not the look you want for your company.

Strategy over production

As a video producer I believe that professionally made video looks and works better but, if I’m being honest, the way a video looks and sounds is not the reason it is effective. There are plenty of examples of terribly filmed video that has become wildly successful and lots of professionally made video that has faded into obscurity.

The reason for any campaign’s success is strategy and matching the style of a video to the message you are trying to send.

You don’t need to hire a producer to create all types of video but you should always speak to an expert in video strategy to make sure you are creating the right type of content for you.

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