The Smarter way

Our Process

Here is how we take your projects from start to finish.


At the beginning of every project we will discuss what you want to achieve with your video, who your target audience are, the style and tone associated with your company or brand and your budget.

All of this information allows us to suggest creative ideas, work with you over content and messaging and provide a strategic approach to help any video get results.

All the ideas we suggest will be possible within your budget. This means you can be confident in what you’re spending and the value you are getting in return.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your video to be or just a goal you are hoping we can help you achieve, we can work together at the beginning of a project to get the ball rolling.


Once you have agreed to our initial proposal the fun can begin. We will write outlines, scripts, put together storyboards, organise shooting dates, locations, organise casting for voice overs or any actors, get shot lists ready and bring on board any specialists required to see your project through.

We will organise licenses, carnets and deal with any legal issues around filming.

Whatever your project we work to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.


Lights. Camera. Action! Whether we are filming, animating, recording voice or producing anything to be incorporated into your final video we work with experienced and creative filmmakers to ensure the right people are involved at every stage of production.

Everything from equipment or actors to make-up or costumes comes together to successfully produce your video.


All the other stages have been about gathering ingredients. In this stage we mix them together to create your final video.

Editing, colour correction, colour grading, audio levelling, motion graphics, sound editing, adding music and sound effects. Each of these plays a vital role in creating your final video.

We keep you up to date with progress and allow you to have input and offer feedback as your video is created. This is through a private portal that allows you to let us know your thoughts on what we are doing.

Once you are happy we will let you have the finished video in whichever formats were agreed at the beginning of the process. Then you can showcase your new video and start achieving your goals.


Once you have your video and begin using it we can also help you interpret the results and identify what worked well with the campaign and what can be changed to improve future projects. This ensures that your videos continuously get better every time you make one.

We also hang on to the projects for a few years, allowing you to revisit them, re-use the footage and save costs on future projects.