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Smarter Questions

Making video can often feel stressful but we want to make things easy. Here are the questions that we are asked most frequently. If your question isn’t here feel free to get in touch.


How much does it cost?

The price of each project is worked out specifically for you and your needs. We will be upfront about the costs involved so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

This means that not only will work within your budget but that there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

If you ask us to do something a little different or tweak something we will always do our best to accommodate this within the quoted price. However, if you change the brief we will let you know the costs that these incur before progressing so that you can make informed decisions.

How and when do I pay for my video?

We accept payment through bank transfer or cheque with all payment details included on any invoices.

As standard we ask for 50% upfront (as this covers many of the costs of production, hiring equipment, crew, specialists etc.) and then the final 50% upon final delivery.

We are often happy to be flexible with our payment terms to allow you spread the cost over a longer period. These will always require a set amount (to be determined based on your project) to be paid before work commences.

I’m busy… can you give me a rough estimate?

Absolutely. Click here to visit our contact form and type as many details as you can about your project into the message box.


  • Who are you and what industry do you work in?
  • What do you need the video for?
  • What type of video would you like? (e.g. animation, case study etc.)
  • What budget do you have? (If known)
  • How long would you like the video to be?
  • Send us links to any videos that are similar to the one you want to create.

We’ll take a look and give you an estimate within 24 hours. This should hopefully enable you to plan your project and, when you are ready to go ahead, you can get in touch. When we speak we will clarify the details of your project and make any amendments to the price.


Where will filming take place?

Filming will always take place wherever the creative idea leads whether it is a studio or a unique location. So far we have shot all over the world from nightclubs to boats.

A lot of corporate shoots take place in a client’s office or building and we will work with you to make this an easy process.

One thing we take pride in is leaving any location as we found it (unless otherwise agreed).

How much equipment will you be bringing?

We plan our shoots carefully in advance and ensure we bring with us only the equipment we will need. This ensures that we can be in and out of a location with smallest possible impact.

This means that set-up and packing away is as quick as possible and keep any filming locations tidy and safe.

We often require a lockable room, or large storage space so that we can securely leave boxes or equipment that we will be using later in a shoot.

Will there be lots of crew?

Just like equipment we try to keep our crews as small as possible. This means as little disruption for any filming location as possible. It also keeps the costs down for you.

Most of our shoots are done with a 2 – 3 man crew but we have worked with crews of 1 up to 40. It will all depend on your budget and what you are trying to achieve.

How long does filming take?

This is difficult to answer as every project is different. We will always let you know at the beginning of the process the time-scale of any filming.

Most shoots can be done within 1 – 2 days. We have shot interviews in as little as 2 hours and events over multiple weeks.

How long do interviews take?

We recommend that anyone we are interviewing is available for at least 45 minutes. However, we change the recommendation based on the specific project needs and the schedule of our subject.

What should we wear?

There is a whole blog we have written on what people should wear when on camera but our basic guidance is…

  • Avoid heavy patterns
  • Avoid large dangly jewellery
  • Unless it is deliberately part of the video, avoid clothes with a clear brand label or distracting image.

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How long will the whole process take?

This can vary from project to project but as a guide we try to provide you with a first cut of a project within a maximum of two weeks from filming (although we are often able to work much quicker).

As part of the briefing process we will identify how quickly you need the project and will allocate people to the project as needed to deliver it on time. Although, like everyone, we prefer plenty of advance notice, we have been able to organise shoots and edits within 24 hours (although this often has additional costs involved).

Will you amend the video to any feedback I give?

Of course. What matters to us is that you have a video that you are confident will represent you, your business or your brand.

As standard with any production we offer 2 rounds of amends, which is usually sufficient.

We will charge based on time for any amends after this but will, as always, let you know in advance of any additional costs that might be incurred.

Can you include or work with footage we have shot ourselves?

Absolutely. Once we have spoken about the project we can guide you over the best way to shoot footage yourself. We offer training on this very topic and even have a handy downloadable guide.

We will send you an upload link allowing you to send us the full quality files.

The one caveat is that although we will always ensure the edit and work we do is up to scratch and we can advise you over how best to use your footage, we can offer no guarantees over the quality of the end product if we have not been involved in the production.

We will notify you of any issues with footage you have shot yourself so costs and a plan to help make the final video successful can be worked out.

We have to keep visuals brand compliant - are you able to work with our assets?

We regularly work with brand guidelines and are happy to ensure that anything we create for you matches the identity of your company.

We are reliant on you or your design team to guide us and send us any fonts, assets or guidelines necessary.

If you do not have any of these our designs will be based on any publicly available material you have e.g. your website.

Is subtitling included?

Not as standard although we can offer different options, all of which will be identified during the briefing process. If you would like subtitles of any sort please let us know.

We offer:

  • Closed captions (to be selected on or off on social media)
  • Burnt on subtitles (always in the video)
  • Alternative language subtitles
Can I have the raw footage or project files?

As standard we do not supply our clients with the raw footage for projects. It is usually at file sizes larger than most of our clients are used to dealing with, plus we prefer our clients to see their project after we have worked our magic.

If you do require raw footage or want access to our project files this can be arranged but there is an additional cost for any storage media, the time required, transfer of copyright and, of course, postage and packaging.

Will I need to be involved much?

You can be as involved as you like. There will need to be an upfront conversation to make sure we have the correct brief for the project but after that you can leave us to it. 

We will keep you posted at every stage and will always require sign off before moving on.

For example, we would not begin storyboarding an animation until you have confirmed that you are happy with the script and animation style we have suggested.

If you work for a technical industry we also ask for you or someone from your business to help us ensure the content we are producing is accurate. We will of course let you know this in advance.