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These days there is so much content fighting for attention. As a result it is more difficult than ever to stand out and keep an audience’s attention.

Creative, engaging video has been proven to be the most successful tool to meet this challenge. All too often however, making great content is more stressful, expensive and time-consuming than it needs to be.

The Smarter Video team have, for over ten years, been making the video creation process easy and time-efficient; not to mention cost-effective, results driven and, dare we say it, fun.

Our experience and knowledge both with production and video marketing strategy means that anyone can get high quality content that gets results.

Over a decade’s experience gives Smarter Video a unique insight at using video to achieve your marketing goals.

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What makes us special?



We understand how to turn a simple video in to an engaging, valuable piece of content.


We know how to make the process of filming a video fun, easy and cost effective.

Video Marketing

Your video can become a powerful tool for sales, recruitment, or anything… just ask us how.


Tell your story and make your content look better than you ever thought it could.


Whatever the content, a creative approach can help it to stand out and become something memorable.


Making content that achieves goals and helps your marketing strategies to succeed is what we do best.

Who Is Smarter Video

David Cooper

David Cooper

Managing Director & Senior Producer

David has been producing video content for over a decade. During this time he has worked for small local businesses, global corporations and broadcasters. These include Amazon, LEGO and Jaguar Land Rover. He is involved in everything Smarter Video produce and as a result is always working to ensure content is always of the highest standard.