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If you’re here and reading this blog then I can only assume you are looking to use video to get results. Here are the 6 secrets that, when used together will guarantee video marketing success.

In previous blogs we’ve talked about many elements that make up a successful video marketing campaign or allow you to create a successful video but here I wanted to put together the secrets that will allow your video to be found, engaged with and out-perform your competitors.

The Secrets

1) Understand your audience

If you don’t take time to understand your audience before anything else your video will fail. You should know what your target wants to see, what things they are interested in, how long they are prepared to watch for.

All of this information is readily available. If you are already established you should have data on your customers and web visitors. If you are new to video marketing or business or simply don’t have the data you can visit Facebook Insights or countless other platforms that offer data.

Understanding your audience allows you to create content people want to watch and make best use of all the other secrets.

2) Be interesting

Boring is dull. People don’t watch boring. It doesn’t matter how good your content is. How well produced your video is doesn’t matter anything if the content, delivery or idea in your video is tedious.

If people yawn whilst watching it you can bet they won’t be engaging further.

Making a video interesting is easier than people think. Here are some ways to add interest to your video:

  • Tell a simple but engaging story
  • Do something crazy
  • Find an interesting analogy to better explain the content
  • Make people laugh
  • Find an unusual visual style
  • Make the video interactive
  • Use attention-grabbing music


3) Make your video mobile-friendly

People consume huge amounts of content on their phones and iPads. The odds are that a lot of your audience are going to find your video on their mobile. To survive in this day and age your content has to be mobile friendly.

What does this mean?

As part of your strategy you need to consider how and where people are going to watch and make best use of that platform. Make sure your video doesn’t have lots of text that’s small and difficult to read on a tiny screen; are you using vertical or square video for platforms like facebook where your video might get watched?

4) Don’t focus on sales

All marketing video is selling. Whether it is a product, a service, a reputation or an idea all marketing content is about selling.

The more you focus on that the weaker your video will be. Instead focus on what the video can offer the viewer. Is it entertainment? Is it free information (thought leadership)? Is it a better understanding of something?

Viewers know that if they are watching a video it is promoting something. Reminding them of this repeatedly will bore them.

5) Don’t make the video any longer than it needs to be

Video length is its own topic. Many people say it should be as short as possible. This isn’t true. People will watch long form content quite happily if it is interesting (and not boring).

The golden rule to work by is that you should make a video as short as possible without compromising on necessary content or style.

Of course people have short attention spans so you always need to make sure you grab their attention as quickly as possible and then keep things interesting until your video is done.

6) Don’t rely on just video for marketing success

A good piece of video marketing doesn’t simply trust one video to create successful campaign but uses a strategy with clear goals and objectives and multiple tools and tactics.

How many videos are you putting into a campaign? At what stages do they appear during a customer’s journey? How are your measuring their success? How are you telling people about them? Are you using social media? Are you employing email marketing? Are you using Facebook Ads? Are you using the video at any events? Do you have leaflets tied into the campaign?

Video is a powerful medium but ultimately it is just a tool in a much larger toolbox. Only fool would ignore all of the assets at their disposal.

For more information about Smarter Video take a look here.

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