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The conclusion of a series on what is going to happen with online video in 2019. 

For the last few weeks I have been posting about the future of online video in 2019.

Every year I like to take the time to properly research that future of the industry and to try and work out where it is going. It allows me to stay one step ahead of the trends and advise my clients well.

I hope you have found these posts helpful. I thought it would make a nice conclusion to the series to create this short post highlighting some of the key issues from each post that you need to bear in mind throughout the coming year.

Video Hosting

  • Content needs to be created specifically for the platform it is being used on. Social platforms all host native video content and do not want users to leave the channel. Make your content work better with separate uploads for each network.
  • Social channels are investing in video functionality. keep your eyes peeled for announcements and make sure you incorporate new opportunities creatively.
  • Video marketing platforms like Vidyard, Wistia and Vzaar are becoming more affordable. Take advantage of their additional features to boost your video marketing efforts.
  • h.265 is going to be increasingly used allowing higher quality resolutions that get closer to matching the display capabilities of newer devices.
  • YouTube will continue to be king. The best platform to be ‘found’. It should still be part fo your strategy but not at the expense of Facebook and other platforms.

It is less about passively watching and more about participating in the experienceInteractive video

  • Interactive video is going to be more prevalent in 2019
  • Access to functionality that enables email gates, lead magnet forms, in video shopping etc. are becoming more readily available and cost effective.
  • Interactive video should be used, like all tools, as part of strategy and never simply for the sake of it. Use it well and it will be very effective. Use it badly and you won’t get the results you are hoping for.

Video shape and size

  • Choose the shape / size that best suits your campaign and content.
  • It is the quality of your video not the ratio of its display that will decide the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Choosing the right ratio will have an effect on how many views you get but will not effect overall engagement significantly.
  • Ratios are currently unlikely to change in the next year but ways your video can be displayed i.e. carousel ads, bumper ads etc. are always being developed. Stay up to date so you can use new opportunities creatively.
  • Check out SproutSocial’s blog on ratios. It is always updated with the most recent sizes.

A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie.Personalised video

  • Traditional personal content is coming down in price but is still too expensive for regular campaigns by most SMEs
  • Short personalised video clips that you film yourself is increasingly popular and cost effective.
  • Make sure you plan your personalised video strategy carefully. Hire an expert to advise over how to film yourself or how to incorporate personalisation into a campaign properly.
  • There will be more personalised video around in 2019 so you might want to jump on the bandwagon to keep up.

Content is KingVideo duration

  • The golden rule is: A video should be as short as it can be without compromising on style or key content
  • Live streams are encouraging longer videos. If live-streaming use this extra time wisely. Don’t make something longer simply for the sake of it.
  • Video ads are getting shorter. There is an uptake in 6 second ads
  • Choose video length that is best suited for your audience and their position in your sales funnel. The further down the funnel you go the longer your content can be (it doesn’t mean it has to be)

Targeting your audience

  • Creating relevant content is more important than ever.
  • You will need to more precisely target your audiences to compete. It is not just about targeting a location or interests or where someone is in the buying journey but doing all of them and creating engaging content to match.
  • Remarketing is essential to getting your message heard amidst other more relevant or specific content.
  • The price for detailed targeting is going up as platforms push businesses towards…

If you want to play, you gotta payPay to play

  • Social channels are beginning to push businesses towards a pay to play mentality in order to avoid ad saturation (which we are drawing ever nearer to).
  • It will cost more in 2019 to have videos played as adverts or boosted.
  • The revenue and effectiveness from advertising might be greater.
  • Production costs continue to reduce slightly which offsets the drain on your budget.
  • Don’t use paid options for a campaign until you have tried it organically. There is no point paying to reach those that would have watched your video anyway.


What do you think 2019 will mean for online video? Please let me know in the comments.

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