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Based in London, Smarter Video is a full-service video production company, making content that engages, delights and influences.

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video content that gets results.

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Get a strategic direction for your video content and creative ideas to make that content stand out.

Video during COVID

Find out how we can help you get through this difficult time and how we ensure COVID safe filming.

Our Services

We offer a range of services that let us turn your ideas into great video that gets results.

Corporate Video

Whatever your story is we can help you share it and drive results.

Animated Video

The right animation can help you to stand out and tell your story.

Promotional Video

Create promotional content that fits your strategy and brand.

Event Video

Events take a lot of planning. We can make the video part easy.

Social Video

Need content for social media? Let us make it easy for you.


We can help you to engage audiences all over the world.


We offer training in a variety of video related topics.

What Our Clients Say

The end result was really impressive and we have had excellent feed back from our customers. We would highly recommend Smarter Video.

Andy Field, Camperrent UK

Reliable, super efficient and always adds value to the projects he works on.

Amy Devitt, Tag

I cannot recommend David more. I’m incredibly grateful we’ve made a connection and I very much hope to work with him again in the future.

Laura Berridge, Arts Insight

More than anyone I have worked with, David took the time to understand the context of the film and offered really helpful coaching to make sure that the footage was as powerful as possible.

Sarah Richards, Jaguar Land Rover

Our Work

Take a look at some of the work our clients have loved.

Our Process


1) Briefing

Every project starts by ensuring all parties know what they are trying to achieve and how that video is going to get made.

2) Pre-Production

We plan, organise and write everything needed to ensure a successful video project.

3) Production

All the planning pays off. We film, animate and create any assets that will be used in the final videos

4) Post-Production

We take all of the visuals we have been creating, all of the audio we have been gathering and turn them into a final product that can get the results you have been hoping for.

5) Aftercare

We look after your project files in case you need them again and can help you interpret your video marketing results.

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What You Need To Know About Using Green Screen

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June 2019 – Special Days For Your Social Media Marketing

June 2019 – Special Days For Your Social Media Marketing

Every month is filled with special days, celebrations, religious festivals and comparative days. You should already have these in your social calendar but if not here are some of the key ones this month. The Smarter Video reminder here is that you make sure, if these...

What Are Safe Zones And Does They Still Matter

What Are Safe Zones And Does They Still Matter

Back when TVs were first made different manufacturers used different processes to create an image (variations of a cathode ray tube 'CRT'). As a result anything being broadcast made sure that key titles or action was kept in 'safe zones' to ensure things weren't...